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Details The-Experience-of-Language-Teaching-Cambridge-Language-Teaching-Library

The Experience of Language Teaching (Cambridge Language Teaching Library)

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Details Inspiring-Primary-Teaching-Teaching-Handbooks-Series

Inspiring Primary Teaching Useful for primary teaching professionals, this work offers coverage of the major themes in teacher education. It emphasises interactive teaching skills, and focuses on the many human interactions in classrooms, taking ...

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Details Teacher-Learning-in-Language-Teaching-Cambridge-Language-Teaching-Library

Teacher Learning in Language Teaching This text introduces an area of educational research, "teacher learning," as it applies to the teaching of languages. Full description

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Details Outstanding-Teaching-Teaching-Backwards

In an era when schools and teachers often seem to operate at one hundred miles an hour, Teaching Backwards offers a more reflective and measured approach to teaching and learning. Where many teachers focus on delivering content in a linear fashion ...

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Details Teaching-Grammar-Structure-and-Meaning-National-Association-for-the-Teaching-of-English

Teaching Grammar, Structure and Meaning introduces teachers to some basic ideas from the increasingly popular field of cognitive linguistics as a way of explaining and teaching key grammatical concepts. Particularly suitable for those teaching post-16 ...

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Details Teaching-Modernist-Poetry-Teaching-the-New-English

Teaching Modernist Poetry This book recognizes that modernist poetry can be both difficult and rewarding to teach. Leading scholars and poets from the UK and the US offer practical, innovative, up to date strategies for teaching the reading and ...

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Details Teaching-the-Short-Story-Teaching-the-New-English

Teaching the Short Story The short story is moving from relative neglect to a central position in the curriculum; as a teaching tool, it offers students a route into many complex areas, including critical theory, gender studies, postcolonialism and ...